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Anna has been working in kitchens since she was 15.

It’s hard to say at which point exactly she transitioned from kitchen assistant to ‘chef’ but from the moment she set foot in a commercial kitchen she loved it. She also has extensive experience of front of house and having run her own hospitality venues from the age of 24 there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the hospitality industry (from folding napkins into swans to fixing broken toilets – why do they always go wrong on a bank holiday weekend?)

Having previously been a vegetarian she always championed meat free dishes, with delicious vegan dishes being served at her establishments long before it reached the mainstream.

As she transitioned to a fully vegan diet herself, she realised the only way to continue in the career she loves was to provide vegan catering for all.

When Vegan To You first started it was difficult to find other team members who shared her passion for plant based eating. Over the years we have built up a core team who are vegan themselves, have in depth knowledge of specialist ingredients and when asked are happy to discuss all aspects of veganism with guests.

Although we are all rather tired of being asked ‘Are you sure it’s all vegan?!’

Yes it is! Yes it’s delicious and no, very often you really can’t tell.

None of us are preachy vegans, we let the food do the talking.

We use the very best artisan suppliers and know all the tricks (white miso in ‘cheese’ sauce but that’s all we are giving away at the moment) to ensure your event is a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike.

More recently we have started being booked by non-vegans who have tried our food at previous events and have been so impressed they have chosen us over regular caterers.

Teaching not preaching.
Slowly changing the world, one plate at a time.


We believe a picture tells a thousand words!


Wellington, Somerset

Based in the southwest, covering the whole UK.

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