When it comes to your wedding we believe your day should happen your way, be totally unique and truly wow your guests.

We work closely with you and your fiancé to plan a bespoke menu including favorite ingredients, dishes and themes. Whilst we are very at home in a commercial kitchen we also have a fully equipped catering van and gazebo which can comfortably cater a 3 course meal for 150 guests.

We have a broad range of menus from festival style meals starting at £15 per guest right through to luxury fine dining at £150+

Wedding planning starts from your very first contact message and its really helpful for us if you include as much information as you can – date, venue, facilities at the venue, approximate number of guests, style of food you had in mind and your ideal budget. Without that information it’s really difficult to provide an accurate idea of cost.

If you are at the very beginning of your planning journey and don’t have many firm details yet our sample menus below will give you an idea of how much the food will cost.

The price includes all service and crockery, cutlery & white cotton napkins (Festival style menus are served with eco friendly palm leaf plates & wooden cutlery).


After initial contact we usually set up a call to discuss your requirements in detail – this may take up to an hour.

We then spend a little time putting together 3 bespoke menus at different price points. Sometimes couples say yes to one of these, other couples prefer to mix and match different dishes, very occasionally we get asked for additional options. The whole process is guided by you and once we have a firm idea of what you may like the best bit happens – the tasting! We are happy to organise a tasting event, if no deposit has been paid then dishes will be charged at £10 each to be paid 3 days prior to the tasting.

If we do cater your wedding we will deduct the cost of the tasting dishes from your final invoice – essentially the tasting becomes free of charge. We are also happy to arrange subsequent tasting sessions, as they are on average 6-8 hours work, they are charged at £180 for up to 8 dishes.

From there on we work closely with you and your venue all the way to your special day. If we haven’t catered at the venue before we will arrange a site visit to ensure everything goes super smoothly on the day.

The amount of planning that goes into each wedding is on average 35-50 hours before we get to the week of the wedding and the actual food prep. Ordering everything needed can often take a day, sometimes more if we need to visit specialist suppliers. Clearing down, washing up and putting everything away takes 10-16 hours. The amount of work for a wedding is considerably more than for other events and this is reflected in the cost.

If you are on a very limited budget we will still do our best to accommodate you. If you are happy to pick one of our sample menus (we have lots of pre planned menus we can suggest for you, not just those on the website) and have us arrive on the day with delicious food but without much additional planning that is an option. Although this generally works better for smaller weddings or those where timings aren’t too set in stone.


We do not currently charge VAT and any prices agreed will not change, providing the booked date remains the same, once a non-refundable £450 deposit has been paid. We cannot reserve any specific dates until the deposit has been received.

We request the full balance is paid 21 days prior to the event. (With final numbers/dietary requirement 30 days prior)

Very often the biggest part of the quote is not the ingredients but the time taken to prepare the food, the more items you have the longer the preparation takes. It is a common misconception buffets will be at the lower end of the pricing range and will be comparable to shop bought items. They take a long time to prepare as we don’t buy in premade items, they are all created by hand, using our special recipes and high quality ingredients.

Like wise, the cost per head will increase with the number of choices per course.

The most budget friendly options are simple but delicious sharing mains accompanied by 2-4 sides, carefully matched to create a well balanced flavoursome meal that is just as delicious as multi starred fine dining.

We are happy to travel all over the UK however this does need to be taken into account when providing a full quote. Travel is charged at £1.25 per vehicle per mile for anything after the first 30 miles of our base in Somerset. This covers fuel, insurance and also the travel time for the staff.

We use AA Route Planner to work out the mileage.

When catering a wedding our working day is often 12-16 hours long, so if travel time is greater than 2 hours we will also require overnight accommodation at £75 per staff member. We never use agency staff and have an amazing team who ensure you and your guests receive the very best service on the day. The number of staff we need depends on the style of menu and number of guests. As a guide buffets/sharing meals require 1 member of staff per 15-20 guests. Fully plated 3 course meals require 1 member of staff per 8-10 guests.

We are happy to provide simple children’s and staff meals, these can vary in cost but are generally around £10-£12.

Tea and coffee is £3.70 per guest, If served in a buffet style we recommend ordering for 60% of the total number of guests.

Sample Menus

Wedding FAQ’s

What time will you arrive at the venue?

This entirely depends on the timings of the day and our travel time but is usually somewhere between 10am-11.30am

Do you supply glassware?

We can supply glassware for the wedding breakfast – 2 flutes (1 for welcome fizz) 1 wine glass, 1 water glass and a shared water bottle is £3 per guest. Additional glassware can be quoted for on request.

Will you cut our cake?

Yes we will – but it’s not a 5 minute job, it can be a very messy business which involves washing our hands and the knife after every slice. It can often take more than an hour to complete. Just to be on the safe side (unless we have provided the cake) we don’t touch it until after you have cut it. If you wish to borrow our large cake knife for the photos please let us know in advance.

Once it’s cut we can either serve it directly to your seated guests with cake plates and forks at £2 per guest or we can cut it and place on a platter for your guests to help themselves with mini compostable palm leaf plates at a set fee of £40.

If you would like us to put the cake in boxes for your guests to take away they need to be made up, ready for us.

The venue we have chosen usually uses in-house caterers but they aren’t very experienced with vegan food, will you come and cater?

Unfortunately not, we have done this in the past however the staff at these venues have a set way in which they like things to run that has been established over a long period of time. We find staff at DIY venues very much have a ‘can do attitude’ which we find easer to work with.

Have a look at the Meet Our friends page where you can find our favourite venues.

Example Costings

Example 1: Canapes followed by hot fork buffet for 50 guests, venue near Exeter

Travel – N/A

5 Canapes per guest – £375

2 Course fork buffet @ £45pp – £2250

Total : £2625

Example 2: Canapes followed by 3 course plated meal for 80 guests, Evening burger snack, near Worcester

Travel – 2 vehicles, 160miles each @£1.25 per mile = £400

6 Canapes per guest – £720

3 Course wedding breakfast @£55 = £4400

Evening burgers @£8 = £640

Total: £6160

Example 3: Canapes, table glassware, 5 course plated meal for 100 guests, tea & coffee, Evening Paella, near South End on Sea

Travel – 3 vehicles, 430 miles each @£1.25 per mile = £1612

Accommodation for 10 staff = £750

6 Canapes per person – £900

Table glassware – £300

5 Course wedding breakfast @£80 = £8000

Tea & Coffee – £370

Evening Paella @£19 per person = £1900

Total : £13,832


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