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Anna – Founder of the company, find out more in our story!

Stevie – 2nd in command of the kitchen team, she has been vegan for 5 years. Loves cooking and if she didn’t work with us her dream job would be ‘being paid to cook amazing vegan food and then eat it all’ Thankfully for us and you, that is never going to happen.

Jaz – Our front of house manager, also vegan for 5 years. We met when, along with her mum, she came and ate in our old café every Sunday (literally). Once we discovered she had extensive hospitality experience we couldn’t not ask her to join our team.

Debbie – ‘Saucy Debs’ genuinely struggles to eat anything unless it comes with a sauce. Her customer service skills are second to none. Full of energy, always smiling and will go above and beyond expectation, which why she’s a keeper even though she isn’t vegan (yet). Apparently if she could eat our food every day she would go vegan but is daunted by the cooking and doesn’t think her family would appreciate it. We will turn her eventually.

Kayla – Long term vegan from a glorious vegan foodie family Ace all rounder and is equally at home in the kitchen or front of house. The only down side is she’s too brilliant and only around in the holidays as she is currently studying for a Law degree.

We also have a list of fantastic casual staff, who regularly work for us, many of whom have for several years. You may see the same faces cropping up in social media posts, occasionally looking serious, more often than not looking like they are having a lot of fun.

Whilst we are completely professional in front of guests, event catering is often long, physical shifts and sharing a giggle behind the scenes helps us keep the smiles real. The one where Jaz and Mitch got married….


Wellington, Somerset

Based in the southwest, covering the whole UK.

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